Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) is committed to excellence in academics and support services. When students believe that PHSU is not meeting these high standards and its responsibilities under the law or by their policies, they are encouraged to let the institution know and work with them to resolve them. Any student has the right to submit a written report of concern or complaint, of any violation, to the Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs.

Before utilizing the formal written process, students should first pursue resolution through professional communication with their administrators, faculty, and staff. Students should initiate the formal written process if the student is unable to get a satisfactory solution for their concern through these informal channels.

What is a Written Student Complaint?

A "Written Student Complaint" is any complaint that:

  • is submitted electronically or in writing
  • is submitted by a PHSU student or their representative
  • is submitted under PHSU's Grievance Policy
  • documents the student's concern that PHSU has violated the student's rights under Puerto Rico, US Federal, state or local law or has misapplied or misinterpreted any PHSU policy, regulation, or rule
  • is submitted before the expiration of any applicable deadlines

What a Written Student Complaint is not:

  • test grades or partial/not final course grades
  • claims not directly related to an administrator, faculty, staff member, or employee's status as an employee of PHSU
  • claims based on purchases or contracts

Using the electronic submission form.

When a student or a student's representative needs to escalate to the formal written communication channel, they can file their complaint through the SARA document on this site. Please fill out the form as complete as can be, including any attachments and other pertinent information. When the form is submitted, the system will forward the information provided to the appropriate staff member for resolution.

To continue with the online version of the Complaint form, select Submit Report from the menu or click here.

Students may also print and submit the form via e-mail to studentcomplaints@psm.edu.

For full details about PHSU Grievance policy, click here.